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This is not about me...

This is about a Course in Miracles and what it represents to me.  It is more accurate to say that I am trying to determine how the Course is being understood by me. This website and related blog are to serve as a chronicle of my thoughts and impressions and questions as I proceed with the course.

I am not a theologian, educator or myth debunker and I have no idea what awaits me at the conclusion of my study. I proceed with an open mind and a passionate desire to learn. I consider myself a spiritual person, a Christian, though not a follower of any particular religious sect. 

I was raised a Catholic and have attended many other Christian churches, but I do not feel a need to attend any particular church.  I feel closer to God in a quiet forest than I ever have in any church. I do not begrudge anyone their beliefs and I encourage others to attend church.  One of the statements I read while pursuing this Course was that "the purpose of life is to find our way back to God".  Additionally, I read that there is no "one way" to finding God and it does not have to be via a Course in Miracles.  The Course offers a path - this site is about my journey along my path.




A Course In Miracles